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Stefán S. Stefánsson

Pianist Donald Vega
Donald Vega
June 15, 2015
Saxophonist Javon Jackson-
Javon Jackson
April 30, 2017

Stefán S. Stefánsson

Stefán S. Stefánsson

STEFÁN S. STEFÁNSSON was selected composer of the year in jazz&blues category at the Icelandic Music Awards in 2015.

Born in Hafnarfjörður near the capitol of Iceland, Reykjavík in 1957 Stefan started playing music at an early age. At first he banged on the drums with a fierce interest in latin music as well as jazz. As a teenager he started studies at Sigursveins Music School in Iceland on flute.

In 1980 Stefan went to Berklee College Of Music USA, to study jazz music. After graduating from Berklee in 1983 Stefan worked as a professional musican full time in Reykjavík, playing, composing, arranging, teaching and raising a family. One boy and two girls. Today Stefan is working with the Reykjavík Big Band, headmaster of Arbaer Music School and playing with his jazz/folk band Vikivaki that plays jazz influenced by icelandic folk songs.



Stefán S. Stefánsson


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