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Oscar Peñas

Saxophonist Javon Jackson-
Javon Jackson
April 30, 2017
Saxophonist Kirk MacDonald
Kirk MacDonald
November 28, 2017

Oscar Peñas

Guitarist Oscar Peñas

GUITARIST OSCAR PEÑAS is a native of Barcelona, Spain and a citizen of NY. He is part of a new generation of jazz musicians from around the world that bring together American Jazz with his own cultural tradition in his unique original repertoire.

His work includes compositions for small jazz ensembles blending a variety of eclectic instrumentation both acoustic and electric. Lately he has been writing for chamber string ensembles fading the boundaries between modern jazz to classical. Throughout his career, Oscar Peñas has been committed to creating new musical works and constantly working to evolve improvisations and melodies in his instrument.



Oscar Peñas


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