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1630 Music Publishing, Licensing & Copyright Services

Clearing House For Licensing Any Works Represented By Us


1630 Music Publishing was created to serve and protect the long-term music publishing needs of respected songwriters and catalog owners. We provide our clients with a variety of personalized services to manage the rights of their precious musical works and help them further development their career and music reach.

1630 Music Publishing plays a vital role in managing and administering the most valuable assets of any musician’s work. The copyrights owned and administered by 1630 are the most important forms of intellectual property of any music catalog. Without proper guidance, representation and protection, the life’s work of a songwriter can be left exposed and royalties and composition can be lost.

Meet Our Composers & Artists

  • Bassists, Arranger, Composer, Educator, Ron Carter
  • Drummer Jack DeJohnette
  • Trumpeter Dominick Farinacci
  • Saxophonist Sonny Fortune-
  • Jazz Pianist Benny Green
  • Pianist Tamir Hendelman
  • Pianist Fred Hersch