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1630 Founder

In memory of 1630’s founder Alan S. Bergman, Esq., whose legacy we are committed to
Alan S. Bergman

Alan S. Bergman was educated at Princeton University and NYU Law. His first position was as counsel to Frank Loesser and his music publishing and theatrical production companies where he learned the music publishing business and the Broadway theater. Bergman moved to ABC Records, where he was an attorney during the golden age of Impulse Records. He worked on contracts for such artists as; Ray Charles, John Coltrane and BB King, as well as the pop groups; The Mamas and the Papas and Three Dog Night. After ABC, Bergman joined the Richmond Organization, another music publisher, where he was a vice president and worked with the music of Pete Seeger, Woody & Arlo Guthrie, and through Richmond's English affiliate Essex Music, negotiated for rights to legendary English groups; Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, the Rolling Stones, Procol Harum, Joe Cocker and the Who. His extensive knowledge and experience in the music publishing business includes licensing and clearance of music for recording, motion picture, television, print, advertising and international uses.

In 1973, he started his own practice and his clients have included the MTM Music Group in Nashville, the Richmond Organization, Squeeze, Kashif, Roger Waters, Peter Yarrow, Bob James, Enigma, and Lifesong Records and its publisher affiliate which owned rights to Jim Croce masters and copyrights. He has also represented international publishers Gerig Music, Air Music Scandinavia, Mambo Musik in Munich, and Watanabe Music Publishing Co. in Japan. For many years he represented the Jazzmobile which began his association with Billy Taylor, who is still a client. Bergman was also counsel to the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, where he worked closely with legends; Johnny Mercer and Sammy Cahn. On behalf of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, The Thelonious Monk Institute for Jazz and other clients, he has been heavily involved in music clearance and administration of music for TV specials and motion pictures.

In 1997 he established 1630 Music Services, Inc., a company specializing in music clearance and music publisher administration. This full service company represents music publishers and other licensors of music as well as licensees of music like TV, motion picture, video and DVD producers. 1630 handles all contract administration related to these uses of music and also prepares and distributes royalty and license fee accountings.

Mr. Bergman was always been heavily involved with the world of jazz, representing both established and emerging jazz stars and important jazz labels like Dreyfus Records. He is General Counsel for IAJE, The International Association for Jazz Education. He is also now dealing with issues relating to use of music on the Internet representing Global Music Network and other websites and music related internet companies.

Our Leadership Team

Our History

1630 was established in 1997 for the clearance and administration of music rights. Clients include the licensor, music publisher or master owner, and also the licensee, record label, print, TV or motion picture producer. On behalf of the licensee, 1630 will effectively research the ownership and control of compositions and negotiate a synchronization or mechanical license on terms and fees consistent with the client's budget and needs. The essence of effective negotiation in this area is the proper preparation of a fair license and efficient follow through to execution and transmittal of the required fee. Where appropriate the service will also include the preparation and submission and filing of appropriate cue sheets with the performing rights societies with copies to the publisher licensors. 1630 will always follow up all transactions and keep the client fully informed of all developments.

On behalf of the publisher licensor, effective representation involves negotiation and preparation of mechanical licenses, administration of print rights, negotiation and administration of foreign subpublisher agreements, copyright registration and enforcement and royalty accounting and administration.

1630 was founded by New York based Entertainment Lawyer Alan S. Bergman, P.C. in the year 1997. In 2012 Steven A. Reich joined 1630 and in 2014 became its president.